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"Increasing the Role of Practice Networks in Medical: A Commentary"

Philip D. Sloane, Rowena J. Dolor, and Jacquie Halladay

J Am Board Fam Med 2009 22: 348-351

Full Text in pdf format: the Role of Practice Networks in Medical.pdf

Web-sites of other Practice Based Research Networks. The sites are listed by Name, Acronym and then Website Link.

Primary Care Practiced-Based Research Network as defined by the Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Oregon Rural Practice-Based Research Network ORPRN

New England Clinicians Forum Practice Based Research Network NECF

Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network, Inc. OKPRN

Penn State Ambulatory Research Network PSARN

LA Net LA Net research/grants/pbrn/index.html

Research Association of Practicing Physicians RAP

Research Involving Outpatient Settings Network RIOS Net

The North Texas Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network NorTex NorTex/

Ohio State University Primary Care Practice Based Research Network OSU-PCPBRN

Pediatric Practice Research Group PPRG

Pediatric Research in Office Settings PROS

ResNet ResNet

AAFP National Research Network AAFP NRN

Colorado Research Network CaReNet

Virginia Ambulatory Care Outcomes Research Network ACORN

Arkansas Research Collaborative ARC

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses' Research Network APRNet

Central Texas Primary Care Research Network CenTexNet .piid/152/.ciid/253 swaction/org.sw.browse/.swdoc/~iwcontent~public~dorfam~en_us~html~dorfam_centexnet.jsp/

Community Health Center Network CHCN

Continuity Research Network CORNET

The USCF/Stanford Collaborative Research Network CRN

The Dartmouth-Northern New England Primary Care Research Network COOP

Crozer-Keystone Health Network CKHS

Iowa Research Network IRENE research/irene/index.html

Duke Primary Care Research Consortium PCRC

Great Lakes Research Into Practice Network GRIN

Nursing Centers Research Network NCRN mncc/DEV/index.cfm

A Metro Detroit Practice Based Research Network MetroNet

Kentucky Ambulatory Network KAN

New York City Research & Improvement Networking Group NYC RING

San Diego Unified Research in Family Medicine Network SURF Net

Southwestern Ohio Ambulatory Research Network SOAR-NET

FM-PittNett FM-PittNett

Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians MAFPRN

Indiana Family Practice Research Network INET

Alliance for Research in Community Health ARCH Net

Northeastern Ohio Network NEON

Rushmore Practice-Based Research Network RUSH Net

Southern Primary-Care Urban Research Network SPUR-Net

Pearl Network PEARL

Maryland Physicians Association, Inc. Maryland Physicians Association, Inc.

Upstate New York Practice Based Research Network UNYNET

Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group CPRG

Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation

Massachusetts School Nurse Research Network MASNRN

ProHealth Physicians Research Network ProHealth

Slone Center Office-based Research Network SCOR Network

Practitioner's Engaged in Applied Research and Learning Network PearlNet

Clinical Regional Advisory Network-Region III, Inc. CRAN

International Federation of Primary Care Research Networks IFPCRN

Community Partners HealthNet, Inc. CPH

Building InvestiGative practices for better Health Outcomes Research Network BIGHORN


Child and Adolescent Research Network CARE-NET

Frontier Rural Research Network FRRN

Northern Illinois Physicians For Connectivity NIPFC


Practice Partner Research Network PPRNet

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